Who is Giora Tal?

Giora Tal – What’s Better Than Music and Computers?

I’m Giora Tal and if you’re reading this, chances are that you are a music aficionado like me. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t pay special attention to music and have it in my life in some shape or form. My parents are also music lovers so we almost always had music in the house. Whether it was my father playing his violin, Mom dancing to songs on the radio while she is cooking, or taking family trips to see live performances in the city, it was very much part of our lives.

Yeah Portland!

Besides a home life filled with music, my family has quite an interesting background. Mom and Dad are originally from Russia. In the 1970s they moved to Israel for a couple of years before exploring even further shores: the United States. I arrived in 1978 and my mom and I stayed in the country after my dad took an opportunity to teach violin in Israel. We moved to Portland and have been living here happily since then.

Is Giora Tal a Musician?

Isn’t that a question so many artists, writers, composers, and of course musicians ask themselves? Well, I don’t make music for a living – I also love computers and work as a sales person in a computer store. But I do spend a lot of my free time writing about music. I have a blog where I talk about pop, rock, indie and folk music and about the meaning behind some songs. I hope that I can teach people more about the love of music with my blog. I also spend a lot of time composing music and making music. Maybe I will upload some of my music on here sometime in the future, but for now – enjoy the tunes I share and don’t forget to go and have a look at my music blog.

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